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2 in1 Combined BATCH FREEZER

  • 2 in1 Combined  BATCH FREEZER
  • 2 in1 Combined  BATCH FREEZER
Model No.︰TRITTICO 305
Brand Name︰Bravo
Country of Origin︰Italy
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
The unit is divided into two sections: in the upper vertical tub the mixture is pasteurised. In the lower  horizontal tub the mixture is whisked and frozen. The transfer of the boiling mixture from the upper tub to the lower tub takes place inside the machine through a patented system. The product is never exposed to outside contact . While the whisking and freezing process takes place it is possible to start a new production cycle, mixing and pasteurising a new batch.
Power: 400V/3/50Hz
Water/Air cooling/ R404A
Hourly Production: 30lt.
Cylinder capacity:5 lt.
N.Weight: 250KG
Advantages︰Inner transfer tube from pasteurisation to whisking and freezing. Stainless steel tub.Stirrer with three stainless steel blades with interchangeable teeth.
Upper transparent lid with safety device against accidental opening.
Ergonomic panel.Many international patents.
Ice cream production in only 9 minutes. Possibility of ice cream re-pasteurisation.
Complies with current HACCP regulations.
Easy to use.
User friendly control panel.
A truly multipurpose machine.
Export Markets︰Euro
Payment Details︰T/T
Min Order︰one
Ship Date︰30 days
Standard Met︰CE
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